Iso files missing

I used the default theme and was using get movie info from the hub and 2 out of the 3 I did the iso file is no longer where the thumbnails were. I have tried everything to get them reckonized again in all modes gallery etc. I erased the data that it put on the hard drive and evrything so it must be something to do with info being written on the hubs hard drive? Here is my format and hopefully someone has an answere I am using a Nas and my movies ar ll on my root along with thumb jpgs the name of the movie with a . in front of them this was a way of hiding them with the WD live plus not sure if that holds true with the hub however when I got the hub up and running they were thumbs on the hub and no duplicate files. Any how here is my structure nas/dvds:/moviename.iso on same root I have .moviename.jpg



Hi there, what if you remove the . (dot) at the start of the filenames or do a factory reset?

Sorry I haven’t updated They are there it is just that I name my movies that start with The example The Bodyguard I name as Bodyguard The well when I did a info on the movie it somehow and I cannot figure where but stamped is as The Bodyguard so what I thought was missing it just relocated it from the B’s to The T’s