ISO files are not read and playlist does not update

Hi all,

Since a few months my playlist does not update. I catogise HD media, DVD, and avi files in seperate directories and it shows quite well in the overview / playlist in the video menu on TV. However, when I delete a movie or a DVD etc. the name of the film is still shown in the playlists, although the  files are deleted and WD TV Live Hub knows it.

How can I update the playlists / overview of the media files?

Another problem I recently discovered: it does not play iso files anymore.

I have taken the recent update.

Do I need to reset something? But what kind of reset do I use? I don’t want to delete my stored media on the hard disk.

Thanks for helping me.

Change your video setting to not do adjust frame rate automatically

How do I change those video settings?

go to  setting choose video I assume you selected HDMI auto select this then go through the selections and you will come to match frame rate yes or no select no

Problem is now solved as well with the newest update! And also by resetting it to factory settings without loosing the data, the other problem of still listing deleted files is solved.