ISO DVD chapters


I have the WD TV Live and I have begun to rip all my DVD’s to ISO files, so fa so good the ones I have ripped works with no problems, but then I ripped “Superman Returns” and tested it and for some reason it will not play the last chapters! when the movie comes to chapter 40 it stopped and the last info screens appear (WARNING…bla bla…)

Is there a maximum for chapters or what?

When I play the file on my Mac there is no problem.

file size 7,95 GB

hope you guys can help

hmmm… Just tried “Troy” with 42 chapters, no problem.  :frowning:

Umm… Tried RipIt and Mac The Ripper same result… Fine on PC/Mac but not WD TV Live :frowning:

You might try opening that DVD file in PGCEdit and see if the chapters are created correctly…

Thanks for the quick answer and I have tried it but I am not smart enough to understand the screens that PGCEdit provides :wink:

hmm… have now used DVDdecrypter for PC and the ISO works, so MacTheRipper and RipIt has some issues with this title :frowning:

ISO size when using RipIt/MacTheRipper = 7.95 GB

ISO size when using DVD Decrypter         = 8.01 GB

they all work on PC/Mac why not on WD Tv Live… :slight_smile:

Try DVDFab. You get a free overall trial and then ripping part remains free for ever.

runekc wrote:

they all work on PC/Mac why not on WD Tv Live… :slight_smile:

Because VLC was designed and written to play broken files, and even advertises it?

Whereas the WDTV expects proper files.

Obviously the rips aren’t 1:1 clones.  And obviously the full computers have the power to work around the missing/improper information.

I have with success used DVD Copy Pro with no problems, so I’ll stick with that, thank you for your answers :slight_smile:


  • I used Alcohol software to create iso files of my discs - it always works