*.iso Chapter Skip (how do you do that?)

I was watching a Live Concert DVD ISO and wanted to skip past a song. When i press the Skip >| sign it SKIPS the whole disk and goes to the next Media File on the NAS. 

Can we not skip a Chapter in the SMP with DVD ISO with the remote ??

Can you do this also with a M2TS Bluray file ?

Cheers LB

sadly the ChapSkip button doesn’t work that way, wish it did though.

you have to go to options for the current file playing (.iso or mkv ect…) then choose the chapters that way.
it’s slow and cumbersom but thats the way for now…

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If you are playing an iso in ‘DVD mode’ then you should be able to skip chapters.

yes. you can skip chapter when playing .iso file. press "next (>>l ) button

Why is there no possibility to skip to next title or select a specific title? I miss this feature.