Iso and BR Issue


when I want to view (DVD) iso files  and play back with the new WD Gen.3 I detect different behavior:

  1. Press the Play Button, when im in the (above) directory, the DVD-menu is no shown and the first chapter starts.
  2.  Going into the directory and choose the iso with “OK” button, the menu appears…strange or by design?

Press “Play” button on BluRay directory sometimes starting (without Menu) with the first chapter (mostly \BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts) sometimes not :cry:.  Jump into the “Stream” directory and Press “Play” button it works…

I would be happy if a BluRay menu will be support in next FW versions… 

That behavior is by design.   If you press PLAY on a FOLDER, all of the contents of that folder are played one after the other.   If DVD nav was enabled in such a case, it would always stay in that DVD.