ISCSI target setting gone after reboot

I have a EX4 running 1.05.30 firmware. I setup a iscsi target and able to connect it from my Win7. But after the Ex4 rebooted / power-cycled, the iscsi target setting is gone. How do I make the iscsi setting stay?

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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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I had this happen to me once before but on from a power loss. Tech support helped me with the problem. What I ended up having to is recreate the ISCSI drive exactly as I did before (same name, same size) on the EX4 and it immediately reconnected to my PC. It did not take up any extra memory as if I had duplicate ISCSI drives. It’s almost like it just forgot they were there and it needed reminding. I thought they had fixed it in one of the recent firmware updates but maybe not. It only happened once but it was at least 2 or 3 firmware versions ago.

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I just went through the same experience. Giovanni in L2 support was very helpful - but I should acknowledge that this post from @csandhmech was a savior!

Here are my lessons:

  1. Powering down by pressing the power button on the device to cause a shutdown is not graceful, even though the display acknowledges that shutdown is in progress, takes a minute before disks spin down. Shutdown from admin console is required. {I don’t particularly agree, but that’s the word…}

  2. The Settings|Utilities|System Configuration|Save Config File and the counterpart Import File - are useless. This config file does not restore shares, nor does it restore iSCSI targets. This is a fundamental flaw in the product causing a point of failure that renders all other wonderful h/w redundancies in the product useless.

If you expect that a save config and a subsequent restore should recreate the iscsi targets - then make some noise!

Unfortunately, if this feature is not implemented, I’ll have to look again for an alternative to the WD EX4 ;-(