Is WD6002FFWX a replacement of WD6001FFWX?

I have a 8-bay NAS, a RAID-5 volume is setup with 4x WD6001FFWX.
Now I am planing to expand this volume with more WD6001FFWX. Then there is WD6002FFWX.
Both of these driver are similar in term of performance and specification (mostly).

  1. Is WD6002FFWX a direct replacement of WD6001FFWX, which I can pop in WD6001FFWX in place of WD6001FFWX in RAID configuration?
  2. When will WD6001FFWX be discontinued ?

Hard drive revisions at times do not represent direct replacements. However, it is recommended for all hard drives within a RAID volume to be the same.

If possible, I of course will like to use the same HDD as much as I could.
But I’m afraid WD6001FFWX is no longer available for order.

The principle of keeping the same drive model in all the drives of an array has been ingrained in many of us for years. Now I find myself in the unfortunate position of having a partially (10 drives) populated 12 drive NAS array of WD6001FFWX drives. In case one drive fails and also to fully populate the NAS I would like to obtain more of these drives. However, it seems that they are now discontinued. I see like the OP that WD6002FFWX is available and some say it is a direct replacement, However, it seems to have a different firmware version than its predecessor and some better timings. Can this drive be used to replace/expand elements of my NAS as a direct replacement? What has been changed that might affect NAS performance/compatibility? It goes without saying that I would like to keep my existing $4500 investment and not have to replace all these drives after only 8 months of service.

It seems like nobody else has this problem ?
Or this is just too common a problem as “may God help you” type ?