Is WD TV Media Player Discontinued


I bought my WD WDBHG70000NBK, new, back in '13, or’14?, for $79, the same time I bought my 1080p TV.
I already had a a few “k” Media files, and now that number is around 10k.
I’ve had zero issue’s with the WD, be it with my shared files over (ethernet)LAN via NFS, and/or 2TB usb3.0 storage drives.
But sure, the very odd, and seldom AVI file that I ran into in my downloading’s didn’t play, but a quick “ffmpeg …” fixed any of those too.
It has faithfully played e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, and the dedicated, and fully-featured WD handheld remote, along with it’s simple interface, was, and still is, soooo much easier to use, in a coach-potato position, rather than fumbling around, up and down, with cumbersome keyboards/mice on my older HTPC. haha.

I’ve had friends of mine spend much more on several versions of (cheaper)Roku dveices, and this or that other thing, only to come right back to their WD Media Player in the end.
'Cause that’s what this WD is meant for,-a simple Media File Player that can play it all, (1080p and down).

-the RPi3B+ and FLIRC+Remote is a viable option, but that’ll run me well over $120 around here, and because of WD’s usefullness, I do NOT even need an RPi right now.
and yes,
-the Vero 4k is also impressive, but very expen$ive, if I had the need of a 4k+ TV?.

The only way I’ll need put away my WD is ONLY when I,
1./ -need a 4k TV to play 4k Video, Or
2./ -when the world forces everyone into pay-for-streaming only.

So, I’ll be happy with my WD for atleast a couple more years.
IMHO, there’s been very few media devices such as this WD, in this high-turnaround/throw-away industry, that have functionally lasted as long as this WD has for me.

Anyway, kudos to WD, and R.I.P, for this “still” very useful Media File player.