Is WD TV Media Player Discontinued


I have the same issue. I am still using my WDTV but I am moving to a MINIX NEO X8-H running XBMC. This requires a few things to be done.

  1. Convert all my DVD’s (or BluRay" into MKV file using MakeMKV.) MKV is lossless and retains DTS if you like good audio)
  2. Creating metadata using “Media Center Master”
  3. Loading all these files on a WD MyCLOUD and connecting to it from my NEO using smb.
  4. You can also use the twonky server on the WD MyCLOUD and load all these video’s into the public directories (using “Media Center Master” or “HubFlow” to create the metadata)
  5. If you do not have a NAS (WD MyCLOUD), use your old WDTV as a smb server.


I know this is really late however some new 4k bluray players do all this ever did now.

For example I was just on Samsungs website and looking at their 8500 4k bluray player (price I’m sure is cheaper else where and most certainly will come down over time as well).

I downloaded the user manual and this thing will play EVERYTHING…I mean EVERYTHING. It even supports the new HEVC codec (H.265). I don’t think it’ll decode HD audio codecs in medias files (mkv, avi, mp4, etc.) however it will pass them thru to your receiver. It’ll obviously decode those from a bluray proper.

I have the predecessor to this one and it is fantastic. I just always throw an AC3 version of the audio in my files in case I’m playing them on my phone, or a setup that doesn’t have a HiFi audio setup and this plays that just fine.


W D TV media player are still available allover UAE.
If not available you can still go ahead for other media players which are available in market. visit dubizar website


Thanks, but I wouldn’t buy from United Arab Emirates on principle.


The WDTV players have been discontinued for a while, and any found new anywhere in the world are an exception, not the norm (and not made for one’s native country) Find another media player to buy…


“Find another media player to buy”. That’s the problem. Most of what is on offer, is geared for streaming which I don’t want. What other media players, that are similar in their function to the WD TV, do you recommend?


All I can recommend is what I did when I needed another WDTV for a new guest room TV. I bought a new Amazon Fire TV stick and installed the free app Kodi on it so I could stream my movies and music from my WD NAS server to TV. I also can stream media with this setup from a drive connected to a PC, but NAS is just a better way today if one has one. Fire Stick can also play Netflix and Amazon Prime on TV (thus eliminating need for a Roku attached to TV). Only $40 from Amazon.

Most of my videos are in ISO files and mp4 type files; music is mostly mp3 files… (DLNA) Smart TVs (which I do not have or need), and perhaps other media players, cannot play ISO files, but WDTV and Kodi can play them, so all my media is playable using Fire TV/Kodi. There are more elaborate and more expensive ways to do this if one explores options. Lots of info and YouTube videos of how to install Kodi on a Fire TV.

Have fun Googling.


Brilliant. If I may say so!


@mike27oct. I do not have a NAS, nor likely to get one. Do not use Netflix, Amazon Prime or any streaming from or to anywhere. Simply need a Hardware player that plays most file types. Most of my files are MKV & ISO. Thanks for the info on your streaming setup as I may be forced to look at doing that if I can’t find a suitable box. I have come across this box, whats your thoughts on it? The Zidoo X9S.


Hi, I am not familiar with, or shopping for, android media players, so I have no feedback on this or any other device. I do know the newest and spiffy models are UHD 4K etc, so if you don’t need that feature save money with other devices. There are lots of them,;some are rated well, others are not. Just do complete research on them so you know exactly what to buy. Good luck shopping.


From Wiki Pedia of WD TV, I get the information that as of August 2016, there is no mention of WD TV on the Western Digital website and all these models appear to be discontinued.



After a lot of time spent researching various players, I found good advice here

I ordered the OSMC Vero 4K Media Player from here
It was sent from the UK to NZ and took 10 working days.

It has played every file video file that I have, including 4K H.265

Great support in the forum here

Goodbye WD Media Player. I can’t say it was enjoyable.

New Media Player

Thanks for info. I have a relative who bought an “android box” by a company called OMGtv. It is also one of those boxes populated with apps that access many of the pirated TV and movie streaming sites. Is the one you bought like this? I am not interested in pirated stuff that can get one in trouble with their ISP and the law…


No. It is not one of those. No Android to be seen. Sam Nazarko is the developer of raspbmc, for the Raspberry Pi.

He has evolved the Raspberry Pi into a fully fledged media box, the OSMC Vero 4k. OSMC stands for Open Source Media Player and is based on Debian Linux and Kodi Media Center. The OSMC is a very nice skin.

I can load ‘apps’ onto it and I suppose one could put those ‘pirate’ type apps on it.

It can be used through your network to stream files but I have not looked into that as I got it solely to play video files from my external hard drives.

Here is a bit of information:


Hi, this is good info and I have this post bookmarked at this point. I explore some of it in small bites. I just finished reading through this link above: and learned there is an official Amazon FireTV app called MrMC that is a special version of Kodi expressly made to gain approval from Amazon to put in their app store that prevents Kodi from being used for piracy purposes. It was created by one of the top notch Kodi programmers and costs only $3. It is also about as plug and play as it can be and a lot easier to install and use for novices and families. I will install the app on my FireTV and check it out before I start recommending it.

Your new Vero sounds like a winner. Keep me posted.


WD Media Player wont play continuously:URGENT

While i wish WD would come out with a replacement to its WDTV, that appears to not be likley. I have moved to a MINX NEO x8-H and, apart from changing the way i use my media system, it works well. The only real issue is you can’t login to the USB connected drive on the MINIX (you can, but its crappy) but i simply take my MKV file directly from a linux WD MyCLOUD and its works well. in fact it better than my old setup where most of my BluRay MKV files were on the local USB connected disk.

There is a new MINIX replacement to the X8-H which i will pick up.


Alas, the device was discontinued many years ago. HOWEVER, if you look around, you can find them on the internet, now and then though! I use mine so much, and depend on it for content on HDD, so; I purchased a few extras (one new - one used), to insure I can keep going. There are a few features of this device, that in my very humble opinion, make it the very best of the best… It has a BEAUTIFUL user interface, although it has bugs, it works rather well; I love that it gathers facts from TMDB; and, if you want to play LOCAL MOVIES on HDD, there are no better available devices - at any price - than the WD TV Live. Try EBAY also, I found them there. But, watch out for the crooks, who are charging 4-to-5-times the MSRP of $99.


A follow up from me. As I noted, you can still buy them on EBAY. I found this one, TODAY, on ebay, USED for $52 dollars.

Go snatch this up if you can - before someone else beats you to it! Good luck in your quest!
God bless, take care, and I hope you get this one, or one like it!


Every once in a while Amazon has a unit available for a reasonable price
(usually $60-$75). I try to get one they are available just a spare unit
in case something happens to one of my needed WD LIve players. I agree
that that this is the best streaming device for NAS files that plays movies
regardless of the file format. I have 3 units that I use regularly and 1
spare. I could always use a 2nd spare unit.


They probably stopped making these do to roku sales. however like mentioned above. try newegg, ebay, or amazon. You wont find one in store. I advise wd tv live. They will do 1080p. and a My passport if you want that extra password encryption is best. Mine has 2 usb slots. and I have a 2tb wd passport hooked up to it and network my computer to it to sent files. Sure if you just want a smart tv that’s fine. I hate roku. And I’ve never ran into any media mine wont play that plays on vlc on computer or just pictures. I love this and have had it since 2011 at least. I had to rollback firmware once but latest firmware works fine. And by all means gonna but used. Get manufacture refurbished! will still have a warranty. I would love to see these come back out and new versions. But your smart tv probably killed these from being launched back out. Personally. I’m sick of media every 5 to 10 years changing. Records, 8 track, cassettes, cd, mp3, i (whatever wont miss with any apple to high and not worth it after 2 years they are obeslety almost). then movies, reals, beta max, vhs, big video cds, little video cds, dvd, blueray, hd dvd. Conclusion. All my media is on that 2tb! will stay nice crisp and clear and as long as a hd cord is hooked to it with a surge suppressor i’m good! And you can keep your 4k tv’s. go to cnet and find out what they really are. only a latest xbox might show you what they are capable of. No cable or satellite company can make those graphics, besides (4k is theater quality!) And doubt your naked eye will see much difference than a 1080p.

Honestly I think these were meant as a smart tv. But I’d recommend just compiling all your media on a hhd and plugging it up to this if you have one. Play it as many times and no wear and tear on a tape or scratches finger prints on a disk! I love these. Got your hands on one cool. And yes Linux users you can uses these too to transfer media. However got a partion with windows it will transfer faster (no clue why but it does) but I’d look for one like the person posted with amazon link. Make sure its us. If its not it may not play a us file nt something instead ist pal which is a different country file format for dvd movies.
Also your smart phone can be a remote or get a lg harmony 670! stay away from rechargeable 700. Lots of bad reviews but these remotes will turn everything on and right input.

Sorry if any of you have missed out.