Is WD TV live support DTS 7.1


I have WD TV Live with firmware Release 1.06.15 (8/9/2011) and ONKYO home theatre 7.1

After WD has been updated the back speakers stop work. I have read manual and realized that in Video/audio settings -  Digital - (S/PDIF, HDMI) - Select this option if you are using a S/PDIF (optical) or HDMI connection to output 5.1 surround sound.

What I shell to do if I have 7.1 audio system? Is it possible to downgrade firmware or programmers from WD will fix it in the next firmware?

Thank you

DTS 7.1 never worked.  The WDTVs don’t support it.    I’m not sure what you were experiencing before the upgrade…

But yes, it’s possible to roll back to a prior release…


Does DTS 7.1 work on WD TV Hub?


Nope…  None of the WDs support DTS-HD.