Is WD SmartWare necessary?

I bought this on 12-27-2010. The WD SmartWare worked, but was a resource hog. I upgraded. Then the drive wouldn’t work at all.

I called support. We got the drive to work. Then I complained about the WD SmartWare. Their answer was simple:

Go to the Control Panel --> Programs and Features --> right click on the WD SmartWare and select UNINSTALL.

I did, and that worked.

Then support recommended that I use a third party backup solution. I choose to use the Windows 7 Backup.

I did, and that worked, too.

Though the support person had a non-English accent, he was clear and supportive… and he answered all of the questions.

If I were to rate WD before I called… well I did go out, even to their site and discovered that there are a lot of complaints regards the Book Essential and the WD SmartWare… I would have given them an F. In fact, I was getting out my receipt to take this thing back, when I said well I will give the phone support a chance.

Good thing for them. I now give them an A-. Why? the information I got should have been found on their web site, support site, and/or documentation.


Its NOT necessary. I have like 10 WD drives and never used wd smartware. May I recommend Acronis and/or Paragon software for backups. THEY ARE great. Been using them for years and have no problems. WD products with those backup programs mentioned are a winning combination!

How to remove completly from PC and My Book Es 2tb?

Can you be a bit more clear? Remove what? The wd smartware?


I have windows xp and I would go to settings—control panel—Add or remove programs. Scroll down to see wd smartware and click uninstall!