Is WD dropping support for the hub?

Is WD dropping support for the hub?  I have a hub and a streaming media player and the player is continually getting updates and more features.  The hub doesn’t have the netflix profiles for example and the latest hub firmware broke my favorites to NAS shared folders, but no fix has been forethcoming.

Can anyone shed some light on WD’s lack of interest in maintaining this product?

Seems to me I read somewhere the Hub had reached end of life. It’s been around for a few years and I suppose WD might be leaving it behind for the SMP or just because it’s old or both. But with the advent of Android TV sicks and Android based media players I would think they would be getting something out on the shelves.


BTW I have a WD MY BOOK LIVE (NAS) and it works great with my Hub and my old WDTV Live Plus.

My guess is that they realized that the market the Hub serves is just as easily served with an SMP and attatched external HDD.  

All the functionality of the Hub without the downsides of a internal HDD. (think defragging, cost of internal connections, technical and warranty suport, etc) 

Shame, I do wish they’d throw us a little firmware love.