Is USB G-drive compatible as external HDD on Time Capsule?

I bought a G-drive mobile USB drive in Nov-2016 and use it for time machine backup of my late-2016 MacBook Pro. Recently it gave an error message:

macOS can't repair the "G-DRIVE mobile USB."
You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can't save changes 
to files on the disk. Backup the disk and reformat it as soon as you can.

A subsequent message said that the drive is now read-only. I tried to plug the G-drive into my new Time Capsule in the hopes of transferring the files to the TC. But when I plug it in, then I can no longer connect to the TC. Is that because the TC won’t accept a read-only drive, or is it an inherent incompatibility between G-drive and the TC?

I’m trying to do a direct connection between the TC and G-drive so that I don’t have to copy these files from the G-drive to my Mac, and then to the TC.

With the drive being in read-only mode you can only read from it and not write to it. So Time Machine can no longer do backups.

When this happens with a drive the way to clean it is as instructed by Mac OS. Transfer the data off the drive and erase it.

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