Is UPnP worth it

I am currently running a MB Live Duo through my Apple Airport Router (not Time Capsule). Apple does not support UPnP (as verified in this post What I’m wondering, as I need to use this drive remotely quite often, is UPnP that much more efficient that it would be worth it to get a router that supports UPnP and plays well with MBLD. I have mixed platform computers (Apple, Windows, and Ubuntu). For now it’s working just fine as a Relay Connection but if I could get significantly better performance through UPnP I’d be willing to go to the extra effort to change things up. Also, even if the router supports UPnP my understanding is that the MBLD will still revert to a relay connection sometime so could you reccommend a router as well. Many thanks in Advance.

Orin the link above didn’t work because it contained the end parenthesis and a period. So sorry.

You can port forward ports in the Apple routers to get around them not having DLNA, otherwise you are limited to a relay connection on those devices.