Is Twonky Media Server 8.0.2 legit?

My MBL Duo has been running a self installed 7.0.9-Special version of Twonky for some time (perfectly I can add).

It went missing recently, seem my MBL updated to the new firmware, which removed my Twonky.

But when I searched for instructions to re-install, most of the old links are now dead.

Looking at the forum, it has a farewell from a key member, followed by loads of links to casino sites and other dodgy content.

So if the forum has been comprimised, I expect most of the content is no longer safe.

The download page on the twonky forum is still there, but there are version after 7.0.9 that may be legit or just trogens: 7.0.11/12, 7.2.1/7/8, 8.0.1/2

Anyone know if these are real? and if there is another source for the downloads?

And has Twonky Media Server disappered?  (odd if this is installed by default on the newer WD My Clouds products)

Here are the links which i use:


I am still using version 7.0.9.

For info, I installed it using this how-to (which also links to the appropriate 7.0.9 and 8.0.2 binaries)