Is This Router Any Good For My New 3TB MBL?

I have my new 3TB MBL plugged into my DIR-615 router ( when i transfer photos or video from my PC upstairs to the MBL downstairs i am only transfering at max 2Mb/s so very very slow!! Is the issue with my router? if so what do you all reccomend?

Just an update, I have now done away with the DIR-615 router and am using just my virgin media super hub as it supports gigabit speeds which If I am correct is what is needed for the MBL to work properly? Well, by doing this I am now getting transfer speeds of 3 Mb/s. Still pretty slow though, please could support advise how I can improve transfer speeds? Thanks in advance.

Make sure you are using proper cable. Some cable is rated for megabit, not gigabit.

If you’re wireless, you will not see gigabit speeds.

Thanks for the reply, my computer is running wireless and the MBL is connected to the router using the black cable provided in the box. What sort of transfer speeds should I be seeing with this setup? 3Mb/s seems slow.