Is this red a good choice?

I recently ordered a WD Red Pro 4TB NAS 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s, 256 Cache WD4003FFBX to put in my HTPC as a storage Drive. It will be replacing a 4TB Purple that I suspect to be having performance issues. This is used to record shows and movies that are usually erased after watching.
My system is a Windows 7 ultimate PC with the following specs:
Processor: AMD A-107850K 95W 3.7Ghz
240 Samsung SSD boot & OS
16GB Kingston HyperX 1866 DDR3
500W Power supply.
I am not sure if I ordered the correct model HDD,

Thank you.

if its only a storage drive you dont need to use Red Pro drives, but will work fine noneless…

You should use Red and Red pro drives on NAS applications. Dont forget to test the drive some time before putting any important data on it

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Thank you, David.
I changed my order to a Black WD4005FZBX. It is mainly for storage, but it will be recording 4 programs and possibly watching another. With 4K programing becoming more common in the future I feel this may be necessary.
I appreciate your input.
Do I need to format the drive before using?

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Both wd blue version or wd black would work out for you

You decided with the high end model and you will have better performance :slight_smile:

Glad tou didnt bought wd red pro because you could have problems with TLER in the future.

Have a great day

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