Is this really how going to start after a RMA

This is fresh nothing on the drive yet. All ready errors. Fix your software already all these work around for different problems should not be needed.

Seems clicking on anything in the dashboard gives a error guess time to try a reset. Sigh

Do a 4 second reset to see if the problem clears. If not try a 40 second reset and try again. If both fail then contact WD Customer Support and have them troubleshoot your issue. See the following WD Support document for more information on resetting a WD My Cloud device:

Yeah I finally got it cleared up after few tries of both. My point is that should not be needed to start with when you first plug it in. If this was anyone one in my family trying to use this that doesn’t know what they are doing it would have been in the trash long ago.

My point is that should not be needed to start with when you first plug it in.


Is the a brand new device, or an RMA replacement?

RMA replacements really ought to be in an ‘as new’ state, but maybe they’re not…

I suppose it’s just possible it suffered a brownout as you applied the power (repeatedly connecting and breaking the power contact as you attempted to plug it in). But the reset circuit ought to prevent that sort of problem (with power up reset & brownout detection).

It was a RMA replacement. Just frustrating getting it and the first thing you see it a ton of errors. I mean who wants the first thing they see are errors and the product telling you to call support even tho I knew a reset may help not everyone does. Not good sign when that was one of the reasons for doing a RMA in the first place along with some other problems and resting didn’t help for the other my cloud.

Wow transfers seem a lot slower I on this RMA one for video files I was getting around 60-100MBs now its more like avg 2-5MBs with short burst 20-30MBs

Nice finally get all data moved to the replacement. Dashboard stops working so I try restarting it. Dashboard now shows up stuck on initializing few hours. And also says 0 Kb free on the dashboard

for me the fastest was to transfer files is using filezilla over port 21 and using a LAN cable. Forget WiFi

It was over a wired connection I rarely use wifi unless on a tablet / phone. It’s down moving everything over but once again my dashboard seems broken/useless

Also the MyCloud I was returning seems stuck at 29% of full factory reset. I don’t except doing that to be fast but it has not changed even 1% in the last 12 hours. I regret ever buying this device. Funny is I don’t remember having many from problems till the switch from 3.x firmware to 4.x Think I am just going to give up till Monday.