Is this product worth using?

Just bought this from Costco, plugged into network, I can upload files, but my friend can not download or connect, now I went to my second home and I can not connect either…

  1. Generally speaking, are most users happy with this product? Any suggestions for another solution? I used to work for MSFT, and LOVE the it just works from Apple… so I just buy stuff that works right out of box… I called support, great guy, but admitted it was not a very intuitive or friendly product to use???

  2. Any ideas on why it just sits there,then comes back and says can’t connect… I’m remote and have  some files I’d like to get tonight


This is not an Apple product; even if was an apple product it still wouldn’t just work. There are a number of issues to resolve before it just works for external access. First you need to setup cloud access within WD settings (read the manual?).

Once thats setup, test it via a seperate network, not you local wifi. Use your mobile phone’s network (i,e switch the phone wifi off). Still can’t connect, then its likely your router not port forwarding to you mycloud. This can be tricky as some routers support DLNA and automagically set this up, others have DLNA switched off, and even more others leave to you to manually setup, or you have a port conflict (existing port already set in you router NAT (network address translation)

For what it is, mycloud isn’t really consumer friendly … then again, I don’t see any other NAS type of device any friendlier.


Anyone know of an easier to use product?

Well basically it has a lot of potential but you have to be willing to put some effort in it.