Is this product good for more than just backup storage?

I’ve been looking into a lot on the My Cloud product, and have a question. I’m wanting to be able to have my external hard drive at home, then if I need to send files to a coworker halfway across the world, would they be able to login and see those files, or even download, edit and reupload a file to this cloud?

For instance, a video editing project, have an entire folder sync to the cloud, then be able to continue editing this project on a different computer. Is this something that would be possible with this product?

If you haven’t done so already you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn about the various features and capabilities of the My Cloud. And review the My Cloud Learning Center ( and sites for additional information and directions on how to use the My Cloud remotely.

First and foremost the My Cloud is a basic network attached storage device (NAS) that includes a media server and basic remote access capability. The single bay My Cloud is a entry level home/small office consumer device. Generally access the My Cloud remotely requires the use of either; the WD My Cloud Desktop program for Windows/Mac, the WD My Cloud mobile apps for Android/iOS, the user web portal, or the insecure FTP. Using those methods one can access and download/upload files to and from the My Cloud.

One should keep in mind that because the remote connection feature of the My Cloud relies on both the upload and download speed of both the My Cloud broadband connection and the broadband connection of the remote client that uploading or downloading large files, like raw media files, may take considerable time.

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The following information comes from using, sharing. Be sure to read all the information provided by Bennor too.

Alternative: Install Debian and anything you want (SyncThing/BittorentSync, OwnCloud, Web/FTP server, WebDav etc…)

Thank you, guys! I had the idea that this product would work for the purpose I want it, and based on your suggestions (especially the mention of collaboration) it is exactly what I was hoping. Thanks!