Is this possible or already out there?

Greetings!  I have always wanted a flash drive that would automatically update (between itself and my PC) files and/or folders that I designate. 

I dislike having to rake my memory to figure out which changes were made where, and manually click-and-drag files/folders around to keep everything in sync.  I imagine the software WD has already for its backup drives would work in a smaller package–or is that too much of a stretch?  Or is a product like this already out there?  If there is…WHAT IS IT!!!  I know WD has backup drives that operate like this, but I want a small flash drive.


Nevermind, I found a program from Microsoft that is exactly what I was looking for.  Not sure how I missed this before…all well!  If anyone’s interested, here’s the link:

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Indeed, the Microsoft SyncToy is a free application for keeping files in a 1:1 ratio.