Is this just a rebranded device?

Can anyone tell me i f they know who actually designed the WD TV HD? After looking at this similar device on Newegg, the NETGEAR EVA2000-100NAS, it’s pretty clear that either WD is designing devices for NETGEAR (which I doubt), or someone else is designing hardware for WD. I’m aware that it’s common for small, no name companies to design something and then come to some corporate monster with a brand name like WD and strike a deal resulting in each company making more money. Usually, the corporate monster is smart enough to look it over and make sure it actually works as designed or even meets the technical specifications it claims for that matter. In this case, WD has failed and as far as I’m concerned, they’re image is the only one being hurt here. So, does anyone have any insight? Who is this mystery 3rd party company with the re-branding deal? Or are WD and NETGEAR just buying remotes from the 3rd party?

Interesting! If a similar (or same) device is out there somewhere, maybe we could get a proper firmware for this piece of ■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna do a little dig

if WD doesn’t make the WD TV - it sure would explain why WD can’t fix the WD TV

But it doesn’t explain why WD would let their brand go to ■■■■ in the hands of some third party. I know WD doesn’t do only third party deals like this, but I don’t know which products are and which products aren’t so no product is safe in my eyes. And, after this experience, I also know that they’ll let anyone put the WD logo on their product regardless of quality.

Looks like its not the same remote:

and the unit its not the same:

and looks like the other unit is realy better than that WD ■■■■