Is this an original WDC Black or is it a fake?

Greetings, western digital community! I have come to request your aid regarding a problem I am currently facing.

I have recently bought a new hard drive from a retail store(by ordering it) - a 1.5 TB Western Digital Caviar Black with 64 MB’s of cache, the model being: WD1502FAEX . After I opened the wrapping around the Hard Disk, I noticed some white space on the label. I compared the number of certificates/stamps on the WDC Black with the ones on a 500GB WDC Green, and I found out that I was missing roughly 5 certifications, plus the lack of the “LBA” serial number. Here are some pictures of my hard disk:

I would like to be assured, if possible, if the Caviar Black I just bought is a fake or an original one. Thank you for your time.

P.S.  I have used the following picture to determine if there may be problems with my caviar black(for comparisons):

Using the UK as your country of purchase, a warranty check confirms that your serial number belongs to a model WD1502FAEX-007BA0. The expiry date is 24 June 2016.〈=en

The number on the PCB (2060-771624) matches the R/N on the label, and also matches the “WDT” number in the certifications.

The omission of the LBA number is a concern, though. This number reflects the total capacity of the drive in Logical Block Addresses. What do your diagnostic utilities report? Could it be that someone has “recertified” a drive with an excessive number of bad sectors, and then relabelled it?

I am performing tests with WD Data Lifeguard right now, as I’m writing this. For now, the only details I can provide are those being reported by the BIOS(on an Asus P5K Pro). Here is what it says about the drive:

Device: Hard Disk

Vendor: WDC WD1502FAEX-007BA0

Size: 1500.3GBWDC WD1502FAEX-007BA0

LBA Mode: Supported

Block Mode: 16 Sectors

PIO Mode: 4

Async DMA: Multi-Word DMA-2


SMART Monitoring: Supported.

The tests on the hard disk are being run on it as it was “out-of-the-box”, with no formatting(Windows 7 x64 recognizes it).

I’ll be providing the results of the tests shortly

P.S. Doesn’t the lack of printed certifications mean anything?

EDIT: I have passed the Extended Test with DLGDIAG, which took about 3 hours to complete(3- 3 and 1/4 hours). Here are the details I’ve gathered until now:

Capacity 1500.30 GB
Firmware Revision 05.01D05

Sectors:  2930277167


 (–More results are underway…–)

I am also running a Quick test right now( it has been passed).

P.S. The price of the hard disk concures with the one I’ve found on the internet(newegg and amazon) for this model

Here are the other results: