Is this a slow network or a slow MyBook?

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this speed problem copying files between PC and the MyBook World 1TB.

This is how it’s hooked up:

The D-Link DSL-2740B modem/router serves my laptop, and wired to it is a DLink DGS-1005D gigabit switch, to which is wired a PC server and the MyBook (both of which have gigabit ethernet).

When I get on the PC and copy files from the PC to the MyBook , I get only 50-70mb/s. When I copy from the MyBook to the PC, I get ~220mb/s. Those speeds are terrible, right? Copying between them was why I bought the gigabit switch.

I’m wondering if the bottleneck is the MyBook, but I don’t have another gigabit device to check. Considering the read/write difference it might well be. Is 70mb/s writing to disk really slow? Is there something better I can buy/build for network storage?

Thanks for any advice!

Ok, after some testing this is what I found.

With my PC and the MyBook, both with gigabit ports, connected with a gigabit switch, I only seem to get 9-10mB/s copying files onto the MyBook. Reading from it, more like 25mB/s. This seems really slow to me.

I also have a WD TV Live, with a 2.5" USB HDD connected to it. Now, this is wired to my other router, which is only 10/100. Copying the same file to that, I get 6.5mB/s, which I think is about right - the Live doesn’t seem to be slowing things down.

So this indicates the MyBook, on a gigabit connection, can only muster a 50% increase in write speed over a USB drive hanging of a 10/100 ethernet device!

Have I got this right? If so, I think I’ll return the MyBook and just use the drive hanging off the Live device, while I save up for something faster. I mean, does that make sense, or am I just expecting too much from network storage devices? This is my first one, so I’m not sure what the norm is.

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