Is this a hybrid drive? WD5000LPCX-60HAT0


I just purchased a laptop with a WDC WD5000LPCX-60HAT0 drive. The vendor claims that this is a hybrid (500GB with 8GB solid state). But I’m not able to find specs for this exact model number on line. Can anyone out there help me confirm or deny that this drive is what the vendor claims it is?


I don’t think so… it’s just shown as being an ordinary WD Blue mobile drive.

If you remove it and it doesn’t say it’s an 8GB NAND SSHD in big bold letters, it’s definitely not…

Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure I’m ready to void the warranty yet, but I guess taking it apart would get me the final answer.

Here’s the link to the computer I bought:

And here’s what I’m comparing it to:

I bought the Acer on clearance (Floor model) but found it too sluggish so I thought I’d do a minor upgrade to the HP – same computer with hybrid drive for $130 more because no discount on this one.

But the box says 500GB HDD and nothing about 8GB SSD (the sales clerk assured me that was no problem). Then I couldn’t satisfy myself that it was really a hybrid and when I called the store, the person I talked to could offer me no proof other than to say that it boots faster. But the thing is, he’s right about that – power on to login screen in 20 seconds. And it does seem to load an app faster after the first time. It’s definitely not as sluggish as the Acer. So I’m a bit confused and unsure of what to do.

(Incidentally the specs of the HP also say at one point it has a Core i3 and a numeric keypad, neither of which is true).