Is there to be a 2 TB version of this released?

Does anybody know if there is a 2TB version of ‘The Hub’ due for release any time soon?


Billy hot

No; unlikely that’ll happen.

2TB drives in this form factor don’t exist.  (The Hub uses a 2.5" drive, not a 3.5".)

I’m guessing it’ll probably be a year or more.   WD has shown through history they don’t make substantial hardware changes to anything after release, so I’m doubting we’ll see a HUB with more than 1TB.   It may exist, but will probably be a whole new platform.

It really depends on if they are going to make a 2TB Scorpio, or make the Hub with a full-sized hard drive. If they do a 2TB they will likely do a 2.5 and a 3 as well (as they already released internal drives in these sizes) assuming they go the later route.

Yeah, and I think that’d be a whole different product.   There’s no room in the Hub for a 3.5, so they’d have to do a completely new design…

The “1TB” label on the box was a sticker, leading me to believe they left themselves options for more storage down the road without having to redesign the packaging.

There are options;  500G and 750G already have part numbers; that’s why the label is changeable.