Is there no way to run a poll for most desired features?

Is there no way to run a poll for most desired features? That way WD could see what users want most and which to add first, the “[REQUEST] New Features - Please put all your requests in this thread.” is getting pretty long and is starting to include a lot of stuff most people wouldn’t care about.

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From the main forum look under the “Idea Lab” - These aren’t “Polls” per-say, but you can vote on various ideas people have for stuff… This is the closest feature of these forums I could find to what you are looking for.

I want to make sure everyone knows that we’ve got a dedicated space called the Idea Exchange for submitting ideas like these – and voting on ideas others have submitted. The Idea Exchange is intended to give great ideas more visibility and help Western Digital understand what our customers really need. It’s new – try it out. We’ll read all ideas submitted there, and let you know our plans for addressing the ideas that get the most votes.

To add your idea, click the New Idea button on the Idea Exchange page (example shown below).

For more information about using the Idea Exchange, please see this thread:  Ideas