Is There anything new happening with the WD TV Live? Any hints of what is coming down the pipe

Greetings all. 

I sold my old wd tv to upgrade this wd tv live box.  And for the the first day or two it seemed like it had potential.

But now that I’ve had it for a few  weeks, maybe I should have just saved the money.  Pandora is pretty cool, but I can stream that from my ipod touch. 

What a piece of junk the other streaming radio is.  Live365.  Should be more like joke 365. 

The youtube is a mixed bag.  Like everyone else, my login on youtube re-boots the machine.  I can get around it by a new account with nothing on it, but even then, there isn’t much on youtube to keep anyone entertained more than 30 seconds, and the downloads are insanely slow and prone to  drop outs.

Any other streaming updates?  Hulu, Jon Stewart, anything?

I haven’t seen any good rumors as what this might bring.

Thanks to all, and let’s raise some hell!  It’s not like they gave us this box for free…

I am not happy about the level of support for this product but I don’t believe you can complain regarding the streaming of only  pandora, live 365 and youtube. You knew when you purchased this that it was limited (at the moment). You can ask nicely for more but you certainly cannot ‘raise hell’ (except about the youtube logon which of course you expect to work)

Also think about the rest of the world who cannot get pandora.