Is there any Low-Level Formatting?

A little bit too fast, but once I purchased the Essential 500GB USB3.0, I used PartedMagic and deleted the whole Virtual Drive Partition, which make me couldn’t use on any other machine unless I press update driver when everytime I plug the HDD to a new computer.

Is there any way to go back ?

i mean actually, i wiped the whole drive clean, I get 465GB (500GB). But the thing is , everytime I plug it onto a new machine, it asks for SES Device Driver (wdcsam.sys, cat, inf …) that bugs me a lot. I wanna get rid of it, that’s why I prefer going back to the normal and have the virtual drive back.


HERE IS HOW TO INSTALL THE VCD!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

thanks but it doesn’t seems RESTORE the Virtual Drive partition isn’t it? It states the SmartWare side only, not anything about the side. Right?

What I am trying to do is to restore the unlock disc partition.

If you want to format whole drive, use the tools availabel here…  and then use Windows format and partition utilities.

Mabikay -SLK

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