Is there any harm from changing the root password?

Hello, I need to use SFTP instead of FTP to access my files from a remote place. However, enabling SSH means using the root account, which has a well known password, and can be dangerous to leave open. So, if i change the root password on the device, will this do any harm to the rest of the device operation??

In other words, do other applications on the device use the root password in their operation?

It should not be a problem, it has not been a problem for me so far…

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No harm at all. It’ll make the root login more secure. If you forget the password there is always the button on the back of the MBL that will put the root password back to it’s default, remove the owners password and reset the network dettings to obtain an IP address by DHCP.  (It’ll reboot the MBL in the process.)

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Thanks to both of you. It is more secure indeed.