Is there another way to share photos from EX2 - WD method not usable for remote share

I have a share on my EX2 for a photo gallery.
If I use MyCloud on my iPhone, I get the file list with small thumbnails. If I select a file, I can scroll through the rest of the folder.
If I logon to the web (, I see the list of files with the small thumbnails. I can go to grid mode which shows viewable sized images. If I select an image I can view it. No scrolling, but the grid images a big enough that it’s not a BIG issue.
Up to this point, we are dealing with user id that is set up on the EX2.

BUT…When I send a link via e-mail to a family member, they come into They can see the folders and go down to the files with the small thumbnails. NO GRID VIEW, and no scrolling if they select an image to view.

This makes a remote share totally useless.

Is there any way to set up a ‘Photo Gallery’ app that family members can use to view this share??


This sounds like a good ideal.

Can you please add this to the ideas board to see if WD can implement this on a future update.

Link to ideas board: