Is there an advantage to leaving a USB memory stick connected to the WDLive?

I bought one in hopes of having it store the thumbnails and bookmarks locally (To the 16GB USB stick) 
instead of writing to networked drives, but it doesn’t seem to use it for anything.

It also takes a very long time to compile media when turned on. I was also hoping it would do
away with that.

Any help would be appreciated.

How long it taking to complie  from standay?

I have a rather massive collection and it quite quick for me.

The options to store thumbs localy seems like a good idea though.

This will be a superb function and make the Win Share Source usable again for the Gallery View. The situation now is just unbearable. The waiting time for the on the fly rendered thumbnails are not acceptable.


It takes about 5-10 minutes from a cold boot.

I have 2x 2TB, 2x 1.5TB, and 2 1TB drives on 2 different computers.

Also, is there an easy way to have a folder with chaging files in your Favorites auto update?

Whenever I go to a directory via the Favorites it never shows any of the newly added media.

Smp or ntfs shares?

Windows XP Shared Folders (formatted NTFS) on wired ethernet 100mbs

Was supose to read smb or nfs not ntfs but my typing skills are being messed with splints on my wrists.

Windows shares files/folders  using smb be it windows xp or windows 7.

Its not ideal in for 720p/1080p movies since its not that fast but tweaked it can work ok in widnows 7.

Windows 8 has a older version which is at best hit and miss and most times a pain.

Fortunaly there is a way around it and get a free nfs server (much faster).

The wd well see the nfs server  after its setup and restarted and its good for 1080p video and the wd shall scan its in no time.

As noted in the comments below, Windows Services for UNIX Version (SFU) is no longer supported on Windows 7 and 2008

Only works on WinXP. :frowning: I have tested it lately, its not working on Win7x64.

I also installed the Cygwin NFS package with a good HOW-TO, unfortunately i didn’t get it to work. The configuration is a pain in the neck. Maybe you have better luck with it.

The only working NFS server i had running was “haneWin NFS Server 1.2.6” what is shareware. (btw. you have to use the 32bit exe on win 64bit or it wont work)

Just for your information.

Using shares still don’t use any pre rendered thumbnails and making it useless if you want to use the SMP in the Video Gallery View, what makes it for me only usable if the MediaFiles are on a local USB device.

Using a local USB stick or similar for the thumbs, would be a wonderful workaround =)

I don’t like Win 7 (or 8) so I won’t be upgrading to either of those anytime soon.

I’ll go all Linux eventually.

I’ve never had a problem playing 1080p video with my setup. The only thing that bugs me is that the WD Live has to rescan everything (I’m still not entirely sure why since my Xbox with XBMC never does this).

The closer I can get this to my 10 year old XMBC setup, the better!

Its not actually rescanning everything it merely looking for new media so its only a surface check…

There also the hardware route.

A cheap nas like say dink 320 cost 99 bucks or less and can do most protacals (smp,nfs,udnp atfp).

I have two myself for about 1050 blurays and 115 tv shows.

But you can do nfs as i mentioned in xp for free.

So there is no benefit of leaving a USB stick plugged in then eh?

I thought it was keep all of the settings/bookmarks/thumbs/etc… locally on the stick.

I guess I need to unlearn everything I knew about Xbox Media Center.