Is there actual online storage happening?

Hello - So I have a 4tb mycloud drive and I purchased it not only for the accessibility and much needed larger size, I thought it was also a solution that backed up the drive as well. 

Here is my situation.

-Up until now I use USB drives to store my files/folders/pictures/etc

-I use dropbox/backblaze/crashplan to back them up. I have needed them in the past due to accidental deletions and misplaced or lost SD cards

I thought the mycloud would give me what I was doing and more with the mycloud/remote/wdphoto access and NAS functionality.

My old solution software backblaze/crashplan dont backup network drives, even if I’ve added them to the computers.

How far off am I and what do I really have and what am I losing?


If you are asking whether there is an additional cloud storage happening since it is called the cloud, the answer is no.

The device itself is called WD MyCloud which is really a hard drive that gives you access to the files stored on it, anywhere you have network access.

Thus you only have one copy of all your files so don’t delete them from where you have copied from. 

In order to ensure that I have backup copies, I bought the MyBook along with my purchase of the MyCloud to back up my data. I would recommend that you do the same.

Excellent! Thanks! Now it all makes sense… How much is storage? Fairly reasonable in comparison to other online storage services?

I was confused with all of the different apps and couldnt understand…

What is vs mycloud desktop vs browser acces vs mycloud(iphone app) and wd2go on desktop

Really appreciate your help.