Is there a way to turn off Zip download?

I’ve been meaning to ask this since forever: Is there a way to disable the automatic zip feature when you download an entire directory from your drive? It is incredibly annoying. I don’t see anything on the UI to turn this “feature” off, so is it possible to do via SSH terminal?

Thanks for any advice/info/help.

to overcome this. create a directory on your the directory you want to downlod. select the files in the directory and download the files to the directory you created. there is no other way as it is I am afraid of.

Are you accessing the My Cloud from the local network or from a remote network?

If accessing the My Cloud from a local network do not bother using the My Cloud Desktop or the WD My Cloud for iOS or Android app. Instead use Windows File Explorer, Macintosh Finder, or a mobile app file manager (like ES File Explorer).

If accessing remotely and using the WD My Cloud Desktop or WD My Cloud for iOS and Android then no, it will zip the directory contents if downloading the directory rather than individual files. The workaround is to select all the files from the directory and down them to a folder created on the computer or mobile device.

Or if connecting remotely, one could install the CloudDAVMod to their My Cloud, if using a v4.x My Cloud, and remote map the My Cloud to their computer or mobile device. Then use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder or a mobile file manager to copy the entire directory to local storage.

Yeah. Thanks. I finally did just end up connecting with the Mac file manager normally and downloaded things that way. But it is infuriating because I travel around a lot and so I rely on the WD UI program to connect. It’s just strange that they never figured that would be more annoying than not.