Is there a way to stop streaming media playing the next file?

I have an issue, which could be a bug (or not) with streaming content.

I have a My Cloud device running as a DLNA server (aka twonky). As soon as a video I am streaming ends, the next video is played. I can’t seem to find a way to turn this off. I have looked through the My Cloud dashboard and also Twonky settings.

Is there a setting I am missing, or is this behaviour intentional?

Thanks in advance

@spawelczyk Tell us more about how you are streaming and to what devices, what app you are using, and the steps you take to stream a movie.

I have two My Clouds and have never had this problem.

@cat0w I am using WD My Cloud and have DLNA media library enabled, it is running the application Twonky. I connect to it using a fetch box. When the video I am watching ends, it automatically plays the next video in te folder. Your help would be appreciated.

Generally it’s the DLNA Client software or app on the computer/mobile device that is the problem not the My Cloud in this case. Check the client software or app setting most have an option to auto play the next track or media file.

thanks @bennor, I will check that out.