Is there a way to stop backdrops displaying?


While backdrops may looks cool, I find most of the it makes reading the movie/episode summary very difficult - and sometimes impossible with a white or light backdrop.

Is there a way to stop the backdrop displaying or at least force a custom image or the main theme image?  I know I can set a custom backdrop through programs like thumbgen but I don’t have the time to set them up movie-by-movie or show-by-show.

Is there a quick and dirty solution?



Yeah, go look in the THEME subforum of the HUB forum.   

There’s info in there about exactly that…

You can also go to the setup and change the theme to “Anodized 3.24.05 XL”. That theme puts a little darker background around the text, making it a little easier to read. The text is a little bigger also.

I too really dislike the several-picture backdrops that change and transition from one to the other. I have been using WDHubgen so I can’t remember if when you use the WD player’s own media libray generator it has this, but I go into each movie’s xml file and delete the backdrop reference out. Then I’m left with the thumbnail/cover art and the synospsisactor/rating information only on a black background. Obviously it’s a time-consuming task if you have hundreds of movies, but I went through and did a little at a time and I’m much happier with the final result

hey TonyPH12345

could you direct us to exactly where this information is the hub theme subforum, i have been looking but cant find it