Is there a way to set maximum Share sizes in MyCloud?


Hello All

I am using a 3TB MyCloud device.

I would like to assign a defined amount of space on the device for different Users, and would like to set a limit on the amount of space that my TimeMachine can devour before it starts to overwrite oldest back-ups.

So I guess what I need - but cannot seem to find - is a way to set a limit on the size of each Share.
Is there a way to do this ?

Thanks for any advice!


Officially? No there is no way to set a limit on “share size” with the single bay My Cloud device.

Unofficially, who knows. There might be some sort of way since the My Cloud OS is a form of Linux. It is possible one of the other OS’s people are loading/experimenting with may support such a feature.

Edit: A similar feature request was made in the Cloud Ideas subforum a while back:


Thank you for your reply Bennor.

I had seen that other users raised similar questions some time ago, but hoped WD might have made a step in this direction.

I guess that a Linux expert could probably set up the raw device any way he wished - but that might mean having to do without all the rest of the nice simple and easy disc-management functions offered by the MyCloud Dashboard - and that is beyond my ability and willingness to invest time.

On the other hand I also guess it may be in WD’s own best interests NOT to allow disk-usage to be “too efficient”, since that might reduce the probability of follow-up sales (or is this being too cynical?)


This is something folks have been begging for for years and years. Obviously, it is too difficult as WD still hasn’t provided this feature. Or perhaps there is a hidden method that is not documented.

It is a real pain for Mac users that use Timemachine on the WD NAS products. Yes, Time Machine is brain dead as it keeps growing the size used. On macOS /Library/Preferences/ MaxSize no longer seems to work on NAS drives. So once again, please WD give us sizes on shares!!!

I would love it, if someone could straighten me out and show me that WD is supporting share size limits.