Is there a way to see the WD HUB on my laptop the same as it is on the tv?

When I connect the hub to my tv, there is a screen that allows me to seemlessly move from Pics to Movies to Services, but when I connect the hub to my laptop, I don’t get the screen that would allow me to use the Services etc… Anyone know how to get that screen to show on the laptop?

What exactly are you trying to do, and exactly how are you connecting it to your laptop?

I have both the HUB and my Laptop hardwired to a router.  I can view the files/videos/pictures that are on the HUB on my laptop, but I have to open file folders and click on the items.  When I use the HUB with my television, the HUB SCREEN comes up, allowing me to move left to right and pick which part of the HUB I want to use…  This screen does not appear on my laptop and I can not choose the “Services” option from my laptop.  The services would allow me to utilize the Netflix and other apps that are supplied… I can only access them on the television.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work.  You can’t use the Hub’s UI on anything other than a TV.