Is there a way to save data on the external with out using the software

I have a 320GB My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive. I used the software to put my data on the drive, but I don’t know how to get to to it. Is there a manual or something or a way to just copy and paste the data into the drive with out the software.  Is there a “back door” access. I want to just get to my files like I would with a flash drive or other external storage.

Please help!

Yes u can save directly on it without the software. All u need to do is to click directly on whatever drive letter assigned to it by ur PC and then u will have access to the drive; then u can copy and paste whatever u need to. Also u can right click on the file u need to safe and select send to options.

I hope this work for U.

Mean while any help for the Linux users who has western digital drives.