Is there a way to safely stop a full restore?

I started a full restore on my My Cloud 3TB about 5 hours ago. I subsequently learned that a “quick restore” would do what I needed, theoretically in far less time. Supposedly the full restore can take 1 to 2 days. 

When I started the full restore there was a “switch to quick” option, but that dimmed a while ago so I can no longer select it. 

Can I stop this manually without bricking my drive? I don’t care about data loss, as I wanted to delete all my data. I’m using a Win 8.1 laptop over my home network (Asus router).


There is not way to stop a full restore once it has started. I recommend you wait for it to finish.

My antivirus restarted the computer while it was doing a full restore… now I can’t connect to the device to continue the full restore.

Does anyone know what I can do?



The My Cloud may be unresponsive while it is performing the full restore. As the pervious poster indicated, simply let the My Cloud continue with its full restore.

A full restore is performing a wipe of the user data and resetting the firmware settings to default. Interrupting that process could cause unintended issues and in remote cases could potentially brick/render unusable the My Cloud unit.

Edit to add: The My Cloud full restore runs independently from one’s local computer, meaning your local computer doesn’t affect the My Cloud full restore if that local computer is restarted or turned off.

Whilst you can’t stop a factory restore, the user manual says this:

  1. In the System Factory Restore section, click the desired type of restore: System Only, Quick Restore or Full Restore.
  2. When asked to confirm the action, click Yes/OK.
  3.  When the progress bar displays, if you selected  Full  Restore  in step 1,  but you change your mind,  click  Switch to Quick  to start a Quick Restore from the beginning.

p84 pre-OS3, p64 OS3

I’ve never tried it, though, so I can’t confirm the manuals are correct…

In the previous poster’s case they may be of luck on being able to click link to switch to Quick Restore because they apparently cannot access their My Cloud after their computer rebooted.

Ah, yes…