Is there a way to remove things from the internet?

Sorry about if I am posting at wrong section,
But I am bit stressed so thats why I am discussing my concern here.
My Czn she is 21 and she works in Supply Chain department at local Vendor, the issue she have been facing since 3 months is, someone is posting her personal information on different sites and associating fake stories with her along with photos and bank account details maybe it is a harassment or criminal approach we have already reported it to the cyber wing but didn’t got any positive response.
Now my concern is from the IT experts is that, if anyone knows about any way to remove that information from everywhere other than approaching them individually, or what should we do to remove them manually.
Because it looks like someone is doxxing her for mean purposes but she didn’t got any threat call or message, maybe they are doing it for fun.
You can read this blog, if you want to know what is doxxing.
The stories are similar to of my czn listed in this blog. Thats why I am naming it as doxxing.
Sorry I can not provide her name and details of sites but all I need is your assistance if anybody can help.

oh man, that really sounds nasty

Ohhh man, that is not just nasty, that is pretty dangerous actually. It could be a certain maniac, which was kind of ‘‘addicted’’ to his cousin. Did you solve it in the end? It really sounds terrific. I don’t even understand how were you all sleeping at night. I am not really sure if you can delete all these things from the internet, i guess you cannot do it. Unless you report it to the police and they find the one who did it. In case you are still in need, i can recommend you, they are having some of the best lawyers, in the domain of sextortion, blackmail, defamation so on and so forth. Maybe see how they can help you.