Is there a way to have the WD Sentinel create a self issued/self signed security certificate?


I know Windows Small Business Server can create its own security certificates, and have seen many “how to” guides of how to do this with Windows SBS. Can this be done with the Windows Storage Server OS on the Sentinel?

Apparently, if you do not create a certificate and copy it (the root certificate) for use on a remote client computer, you cannot remote into the sentinel through remote web access- it is prevented by the remote desktop protocol as far as I can tell because it will show as an untrusted site/certificate. I am using my Sentinel for a small operation, and really don’t need or want to purchase a certificate for my needs- but I would like to remote into the device.

Thanks for any help!

If you just open the dashboard on the right server settings.  In there clcik remote access.  The wizzard will generate and install a certificate for you there for free.    Then you can get to the desktops from afar.

Hi Gramps,

I ran the wizard, but it appears as though you must purchase a certificate from one of the two certificate authorities listed before the wizrd can complete the process. The only other option is to export a trusted certificate that you already have. I’m not sure how to use a self issued one. What am I missing?

Thanks- Nick

In that wizzard select the bottom choice geat a domain from MS

Domain Setup.PNG

Hi again Gramps.

Thanks for your help-I’m going to set it up now.