Is there a way to have a NAS folder as a "favorite"?

Hi all,

I am running out of space on my WD TV Live Hub.  The good thing is that I also have a Synology NAS on my home network that I can tap into on my WD TV Live Hub.  My question is… is there a way to create a “favorite” to a folder on my NAS for easy access to my media on the NAS?

Also, will moviesheets, etc. work for media located on my NAS?

I wish there was a way to expand the WD TV Live Hub storage without attaching a USB linked hard drive…

If you mean can you create a “favorite” folder on the HUB to access the NAS, then no.

However, any media on your NAS will show up just as it does on the internal HDD.  If you have moviesheets associated with the file then they will display.

But if I have my movies in the genre folders… I won’t be able to get an action movie on my NAS to show up with my action movies on my hub’s internal HD, right?

probably a better discussion to have in the networking section rather than the theming section

Correct, your NAS will show up as a network connection and you will have to navigate between the NAS and the internal HDD.  There is no way to have your files from the NAS to show up while navigating the internals HDD.  However, my comment was to say that the NAS will display the same as when you navigate the internal drive, not the same files.

Pardon my ignorance-NAS-that means Network Drive, eh?

I have my TV files on my networked drive and movies on a USB drive connected to the HUB. I navigate to drive to the folder with the files, then under Options add that folder as a favorite so when I page down in the main screen to the favorites area, I have direct access to those folders.

Isn’t that what he meant?