Is there a way to find out how many files were copied?

I photograph events. Is there something in the app to show how many files were copied from a card?

like if have 999 shots, is there something in the folder that will say 999 are in the folder on the drive?

This way I know everything was copied

If you transfer images from SD card to My Passport Wireless, you can see the transfer status and count of transferred files from the dashboard.

on the mobile app?

No, dashboard can be accessed from PC.

i think it’s dumb they don’t have that as a basic function. The whole purpose is so I don’t have to bring my laptop along… this way I can just download from the drive when i get home.

The web interface can also be accessed from a mobile web browser. In fact I prefer the web interface over the mobile app, which isn’t so friendly I find. However it does provide a file manager function, so I have to use a file manager that supports SMB shares to access the MPWP data.