Is there a way to edit xml for mulltiple library entries at once?

I am in the process of ripping by video collection to disk for playback on two wd TV devices (a live hub and a live streaming). I would like to be able to separate the video into stuff for the kids versus the adults whilst still being able to view each set of videos in the movie sheet view. On my NAS where each video is stored, the video is divided into two directories (kids and adults), and below that each video sits in its own folder. Having added all my video the media library, I have yet to find a way to view each set in the movie sheet type view - I can only view them all together. Sorting by folder does not work because each film is in its own subdirectory. It occurred to me one way around this would be to use the genre field in the XML for each video, labelling each file as either adults or kids and then filtering the media library by genre. However, I have yet to find a piece of software which would allow me to edit the genre for multiple files at once, and doing this file by file would be very time consuming. So (at last!) to my question: is there a piece of software available which will allow one to edit the tags associated with multiple files in your library simultaneously? Ideally I would like to be able to select all the video files stored under my “kids” folder, and then set their genre as “kids”. Thanks in advance for any help.

TextCrawler will do it…

You could also creat a playlist for each group of movies

Yeah, that’d work to, but the problem with Playlists is that you lose the title of the movies; it will only show the filenames.

Thanks for the replies. As for using text crawler, could you give me a few hints as to how to proceed. The genre field for my movies will currently be populated by a lot of different entries (animated, family, adventure, sci-fi etc) which I want to change to either adults or kids. I am not sure how a text editor would do that. I also have to admit I am unsure exactly where the tag data for each file is stored. I have been using the XML editor and hub gen apps I have found on this forum to add the necessary film title and cover info for each film, but I notice they don’t always seem to create an XML file in the films directory. Would I need to point text crawler at each XML file individually?

Just use a RegEx such as 


and replace it with whatever you want…