Is there a way to backup windows server onto EX4?

I am trying to back up my windows server to EX4, i’ve tired mounting (attaching a drive letter) to the server, and then running server back up but server gives me error each time (the backup operation of the volume did not start). I’ve tired installing WD Smartware but when i run it the EX4 does not show up as one of the options to back up to, it only shows dropbox. I have windows server 2012, the EX4 is LAN Connected. i dont care if it doesn’t backup the whole server but i need at least the data on it to be backed up.

I created an ‘iSCSI’ partition/space on the WD EX4 (just follow the dashboard instructions for doing this, takes a couple clicks. Then mount the iSCSI partition as a Windows iSCSI drive. Works just fine. The WD box becomes a driver letter on your Windows server and seems a lot faster than FTPing stuff to it.

Thank you Howard, it worked

for anyone else having the same issue here is how to set it up on windows server