Is there a way to avoid waiting 10-15 minutes for scanning every time I turn on WDTV?

I’m using WD TV Live + 1TB WD Elements HD.  It works fine, but I’m really annoyed by the fact that every time I turn it on, I have to wait 10-15 minutes while the WD TV scans my HDD – the Local drives icon does not appear under the Video or Music category and the USB led on the WD TV keeps flashing, until the drive is fully scanned. 

Is there a way to bypass this process, or at least speed it up dramatically?

I have the latest firmware installed.

This did not happen before, it only started recently, but I have the same HW configuration for more than a year now.

I think it started after I upgraded to the latest firmware and turned Media Library on (not sure that is related to these facts though, it may have worked ok for a while after the FW upgrade). In any case, I turned Media Library back off, also deleted the .wd_tv folder in the root of the drive to be sure (as some user suggested in a previous topic with the same name), but it behaves the same.

Also plugged the HDD to the computer and scanned it, also for bad sectors & everything – no errors found (on Windows 7, the drive is NTFS). Also made sure the drive is not marked dirty (see chkntfs).

I really have no other clue.

The media library will compile every time you turn on the WD TV. You can turn off the Media Library. If that does not work you can try to rollback the firmware.

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I noticed the same issue since the latest firmware update with my 2 TB HD and a lot of FLACs on it (many small files). Hopefully this annoying “scanning feature” will be removed again or can be switched off in the next version. BTW, I never used the media library.


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