Is there a way to "autosync" changes with WD product using Syncback SE?

Can someone tell me if personal mycloud product would do this?

I am currently copying files in my documents folder on my computer (Windows 8) to an external hard drive attached via USB to my linksys router.  

I am using an application called SyncBack SE and it “smartsync” and automatically detects a file change in the mydocuments folder on my computer and then automatically syncs that change to a hard drive.

However, if I add or delete file to the folder on the external hard drive, it will not sync back to the same folder on my computer automatically.

I contacted Syncback and they said this feature may or not work with WD products.  They said it’s better to buy an external storage product running windows but I am not aware of those.

Anyone know if purchase WD mycloud would this work?  Would Syncback detect changes to the sync folder and then copy them back automatically?

If not, how can I do this?

Not familiar with Syncback, but if you want to test, mount a network location in Windows Explorer and see if Syncback will work.  If it does work, it’ll pretty much work the same way with the WD MyCloud.  Otherwise, just get a regular external harddrive if you’re just looking for a basic backup storage.

Actually, I am already using SyncBack to do this. 

It works fine if both computers are running Windows.  However, I contacted SyncBack and they said they don’t know if it work work with a NAS device. They said these NAS devices are not Windows.  They run Linux and the firmware can be quite buggy.

I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying another Windows computer just to do this.  That would be such a waste of $.

I was hoping someone has some experience with this and could let me know if this would work.  I don’t need much here.

Please help.  Thanks.