Is there a step by step setup for all of this?

Hi all,

I have ordered and will receive a WD TV Live Streaming Media player and a Western Digital My Book Live Duo external HDD, in the next few days. I will hook the the 4 TB HD directly into the netgear router, and altho I could go wireless I am not (Wired all the way). I have 2 computers in the room with the netgear router, an iMac 27" and a Windows 7 machine (that is also hooked to the network), where right now both can see and edit each others folders thru the router. What I am requesting is a road map. A step by step setup, turning off what I need to turn off and renaming what I need to rename, in order so that what should happen, happens without errors. Is there such a thing to avoid the pitfalls so many others have encountered and instead do it right the 1st time???


Once you connect the WDTV and the My Book to the same router they should be able to see each other. For the steps on how to access shared folders from your PC, click on the following link, 

How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus 

For the steps to access your content from several locations check page 26 of the manual.