Is there a 'REAL' problem adding a 2nd WDTV LIVE when streaming from a 4tb NAS drive?

I am adding a second WDTV LIVE to the house so that I can Stream my movies from the NAS drive connected to the downstairs WDTV LIVE.

I understand that there is a problem streaming the movies to the 2nd WDTVW LIVE - corrupts the NAS 4tb Drive.

Is this true? What do I need to do specifically to make sure my files do NOT become corrupt?

The only risk I’m aware of is possible problems with the Media Library database. 

Your media files themselves are not at risk.

what must i do to make sure the files do NOT become corrupt?

Maybe read the response to the last thread you started on it ?

Was not easy to understand that… hoping someone can simplify to me what i can do to resolve this possible issue